I believe we are on the cusp of those people who are driven by their curiosity to pursue ever-changing varied interests (whom I call Hummingbirds) to be the highest valued talent within organisations. The traditional model of career ladders, specialist promotions, deep rather than broad being rewarded, and silo-based work models are rapidly disappearing. Smart future-proofing businesses are designing flexible processes and policies that value and reward both Specialists and Hummingbirds because that allows for agility whilst retaining focus on what is unique to the organisations products and services.

As well as my own experiences of a professional journey that already spans quarter of a century I have spent a lot of time listening and researching as I have been designing my coaching programmes for Hummingbirds. And here is what I have come to realise about careers for Hummingbirds:

  • Having a broad range of skills, knowledge and experience is hugely valuable to businesses who want to be agile and innovative
  • Our natural attributes are what successful businesses are increasingly looking for. We are inherent change agents, fast learners, intense focusers on what captures our interest, connectors across functions and innovative problem solvers
  • Attempting to fit into conventional career options is what causes us to lose confidence, decrease performance and become increasingly unhappy in our work.

Therefore, I wondered what was stopping many other Hummingbirds from realising their own value within their professional journeys. And based upon the many stories shared with me I came to the conclusion that is is the Hummingbirds themselves. I discovered that many of them are still:

  • Buying into the conventional ideas of ‘how to get a job’ and ‘career ladders’
  • Under-valuing their own skills, knowledge and experiences
  • Discounting significant value they bring to their work either because ‘it doesn’t apply here’ or ‘there’s nothing special about that’
  • Missing the significant shifts in how people are able to generate income in the modern world
  • Trying to ‘fit in’ with what they believe society expects of them

There is no quick-win easy path to taking control of your career to be rewarded commensurate with the unique value you bring to any work you do. However, you can transform your career. Both I and Gareth (my life and business partner) are examples of that. I am romping through my 5th career which weaves together many of the strands that were developed through the other four. Gareth is in his 4th career which continues to challenge & stretch him whilst he applies skills and knowledge gained through the last 20 years.

All of our hard-earned experience goes into what I share with my clients. Working with me you will learn how to:

  • Unpack and value your own experiences
  • Reveal your patterns to become more purposeful in your career choices
  • Understand what truly rewards and deeply motivates you in your work
  • Create a career style that works for you
  • Pitch yourself in different ways to businesses whether as an employee, supplier, contractor or collaborator.

Imagine when you take control and transform your professional journey how even more amazing your life will be!