I have the privilege to meet a wide range of people who resonate with the Hummingbird analogy from many different countries and pretty much every demographic you can name. And for many of them they are struggling with how they bring value into our world. They keep hearing, seeing and experiencing the pervasive societal meme that only those who have a deep passion or lifelong purpose or flaming dream will be successful and make an impact.

Given that most Hummingbirds have a wide range of dreams and are hugely passionate about their current interests for the time their curiosity is peaked, to ask them to choose just one and to make a commitment for a lengthy period of time is to clip their wings. And when you clip an actual hummingbird’s wings it dies because the only way they can move to gather sustenance is to fly. They need a rich varied environment to flit around within to survive as do we human Hummingbirds so that we may thrive.

To empower Hummingbirds to stop apologising for who we inherently are I decided it was important to begin sharing what the value is that only we bring to our work, our relationships, our communities, our societies and the world as a whole.

And the starting point is this:

Only YOU have accumulated your range of knowledge and skills through the wide variety of experiences you have had in life so far. I guarantee there will be literally no-one else on the planet with the combination that you have. And therefore, the perspective that you bring into every interaction is unique.

Because Hummingbirds are inherently open to new experiences we are curious about differences and accepting of ‘other’. We thrive in environments that are unusual to us. We learn rapidly. We enjoy sharing what we have learnt with others.

And through our sharing we are cross-pollinating, thus bringing new life to others.