Even as a highly experienced training and event organiser and deliverer when I stood in the empty Cricket Pavilion on Saturday morning awaiting the arrival of my first participants I had that moment. That moment we all have when we have done everything possible to be ready for party guests arrival. Food and beverages are sorted. Decorations and activities are prepared. Instructions on how to find the venue have been sent.

And the waiting period starts. And the moment begins. The doubting voice is heard. The one that says “I have no friends”, “no-one is actually going to turn up”, ‘this is going to be a disaster”, “what was I thinking”. And with all the preparation in place for the pilot of my first workshop for people who are driven by their curiosity to pursue their ever-changing varied interests wherever it may lead them (those who I call Hummingbirds) I stood there looking out across the cricket pitch at the autumnal trees and let that voice play.

The best way to overcome such voices? Being busy and ensuring you’ve invited people to arrive early to help you set up. So I was not alone. Gareth was with me and so was my camera crew. If the worse happened we could enjoy a lovely lunch and get to know one another better. I distracted myself doing last minute bits and pieces. And then someone said ‘it looks like they’re arriving early?’ And I looked out of the floor to ceiling windows to see my first participant strolling across the cricket pitch. We were all go!

The next 3 hours whizzed past as 10 participants fully engaged in the process. And found themselves learning a lot more than they expected. Despite many of them never having met before they found kindred spirits as Hummingbird recognised Hummingbird. There was laughter, there was tears, there were deep discussions, there were aha moments. We celebrated a successful pilot over champagne and lunch. I received fantastic compassionate constructive feedback on how to make the learning experience even better.

My own learning was that I am surrounded by other Hummingbirds who want to learn from me how I have overcome the challenges they are facing, including:

  • How to be true to themselves in a passion-fuelled world
  • How to have both a diverse AND successful professional journey
  • How to have committed friend & family relationships AND pursue an array of changing interests
  • How to add value to their families, social circles, workplaces and communities as ONLY Hummingbirds are able to!
  • How to be meaningful in pursuit of their curiosity.

I am excited about the opportunity to work with you as you explore the answers for yourself. Let’s talk!