I’ve just arrived back in London following a month in New Zealand, the land of my first 3 decades. And it was amazing to meet up with a range of people who resonated with having so many interests and are forever pursuing their curiosity wherever it may lead them (I call us Hummingbirds). To talk with them as they shared their feelings about wondering what was ‘wrong’ with them because they could never ‘choose’ or ‘settle down’. To hear about their latest multiple passions and how they are looking to bring a wide variety of perspectives, skills and experiences together in ways that are really innovating. And to input a little to their self-growth journeys as they embraced the concept that they are deeply amazing as they are and it was time to stop trying to ‘fit in’. It was an awe-inspiring and affirming trip for sure!

Since ‘coming out’ as the self-styled ‘Queen of Hummingbirds’ in September 2016 I have met a huge range of fascinating people who resonate with the analogy of ‘Hummingbird’ on a personal level. And we are all over the globe. We are in all industries at all levels of business. We are in all ethnicities, faiths, nations, genders, sexualities, social strata. Every time my meet-up ‘So many interests, so little time‘ gets together in London I am reminded how international a group we are.

Every conversation goes off on tangents as something captures our attention and draws us off down new pathways. I am always making notes to myself to check out new areas of interest that they introduce me to. And I am excited every time about what we are positioned to bring into our world that those who are not Hummingbirds struggle to do. The more we connect with one another and collaborate to bring our innovative ideas to light, the more likely we are going to meet those who will take our innovate designs and solutions to challenges to make them a reality that transforms our work places, organisations, communities.

Every time, no matter where I am, when I meet other Hummingbirds I come away feeling invigorated and alight with the possibilities we have in making positive impacts in our world. Let’s do this!