As I have been communicating globally with other Hummingbirds (those driven by their curiosity to pursue ever-changing varied interests) I have found a common refrain and wonder whether it resonates with you too?

I get really excited about something, dive straight into finding out as much information as possible, start a new project or flesh out a fantastic idea … and then I stop. Because something new has caught my eye! I never seem to finish anything to any high level of expertise. I’ll never amount to anything at this rate. 

I used to get this feeling. I started many projects or got really excited about a concept only to suddenly move on because something new had fascinated me. For instance, in my mid-20s I was introduced to the enneagram and for the next two years I dove into it … even to the point of creating a very amateur webpage (think 1990s). And then I moved on to looking at how brains may have evolved differently due to gender specific behaviours. And I started working with cognitive skills and behaviours. And then onto Neurolinguistic Programming. And then, and then, and then … You get the gist.

More recently Gareth (my life partner) & I had a plan that would have seen us packing up this year and heading off to Latin America in our very own overland vehicle for 18 months … however as new career opportunities presented themselves to both of us we shelved that plan. We still want to explore Latin America – we’ll just do it differently now.

Back in the day this would have upset me a lot. I would have felt that somehow I had failed. That perhaps I was just a dreamer. But today I choose to feel differently. There are two reasons for this:

  1. I recognise and play to my flight patterns as a Hummingbird
  2. I celebrate the small achievements too!

1. My patterns

I know what my underlying patterns are that are going to ignite my curiosity to irridescent brightness. I accept that I have different patterns for my career and my social activities. My career patterns are ‘people and change’. Socially they are travel, history, gastronomy, the arts, design and quirkiness.

This means that when, as in the example above, I move on from one interest to another (enneagram through to neurolinguistic programming) I accept that they are all within my ‘people and change’ pattern. I see how learning about each of these areas of interest interacts and informs one another. I know that my perspective is therefore richer and that I offer a unique approach to others through my services. When presenting myself for a contract or an opportunity I am able to tie together my knowledge and experience around my patterns.

2. Celebrating!

Additionally, I have learnt to stop comparing myself to others. There are people who I knew when I was younger whose current lifestyle and roles are defined by society as ‘successful’. I am proud of their achievements and am often in awe of who these people are evolving into becoming. And yet, I am proud of my own achievements too.

I have led a diverse life with careers that have spanned the globe, industries and functions. I have pursued my social patterns wherever they have led me. And each time I achieve something – small, medium or large – I celebrate. Because I know, from hard experience, that life is short and each step forward is to be acknowledged.

For instance, rather than dwelling on that fact that Gareth & I will experience Latin America in different ways than originally planned, we are celebrating the ‘official launch’ of our business with family, friends and professional networks. And we are ensuring that our patterns related to travel, history and culture are celebrated in different ways this year. Our business will lead us to the Netherlands, New Zealand and Canada. We are ensuring that in each place we choose to do something new for both of us and we do something special to mark each of those occasions. And sometimes, all that ‘something special’ will be is taking a moment to soak up the fact of where we are and what we are experiencing right now.

Our experience of life becomes much more positive and enjoyable when we celebrate who we actually are, rather than comparing our selves with others who are wired differently. The journey to living that experience can be challenging. I get that. I have progressed through some hard times to be where I am now.

To continue evolving your SELF to living joyfully as who you are start with these two simple steps:

  • Consider all the different things you’ve experienced in your professional journey and your social sphere. Notice the patterns, notice where they encompass things that others may consider disparate. Make a note for yourself how many of your activities play together and consider what new perspectives you bring to the intersections of your varied interests within this patterns. Celebrate your patterns!
  • Make a note for yourself at the end of each day of all that you completed … small, medium or big. Celebrate each of your progression steps or learning curves. When you move on from an interest – take a moment to be grateful for all that you experienced and learned. And then leap forward with excitement to what awaits.

And where you want support in unpacking your patterns and how to make them work in a more meaningful and successful way for you please connect with me.