I began working with Camilita as my business mentor in September 2016. It was her challenge ‘your business needs to be about WHO you are not ‘what’ you are’ that led me to the epiphany that who I am is someone that is driven by curiosity to pursue my ever-changing varied interests wherever they may lead me. And that there are millions of people like me in the world who I call ‘Hummingbirds’. And that all my experiences, skills and knowledge can be woven together to offer services specifically to other Hummingbirds around the world to transform their lives into what they want them to be. Success on their terms!

As I worked with Camilita over the next few months she came to recognise herself as a Hummingbird. She is a successful entrepreneur with a leading global brand ‘Event of Champions‘. I wanted to explore with her how it is possible to be true to yourself as a Hummingbird AND be successful financially and relationally in our world.

Check out the live interview we had where our guests also asked us questions.

I asked Camilita:

  • How have you built yourself a diverse AND successful career?
  • How have you grown a loving sustainable relationship with your husband whilst pursuing lots of different interests?
  • How do you have a meaningful AND fulfilling life?